Burgundy Tour

Burgundy Tour Experience Louise Moscow’s Journey Last July, I immersed myself in the very same world of Pinot Noir. To those who requested, I’m delighted to share the long-awaited photos from my experience travelling to Burgundy. My hope is that you’ll get...

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Appearance on WBGR-FM Scott Thompson Show

Listen to yours truly, Lorraine Evanoff, from my BIGRADIO interview on February 13th!It was last minute and early for us West Coasters (6:30AM PST) and in case you missed it, I saved the audio for you to enjoy.BIGRADIO has been serving Southern...

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Available now on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited! Louise Moscow is still in witness protection when billionaire banker Ekram Almasi and his nurse are murdered. Even though investigators seem to have found the ideal culprit, the case is not as open-and-shut as it might...

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Praise From Matthew Dowd!

Matthew Dowd just praised Foliage: An International Banking Spy Thriller! The timing couldn’t be better as I prepare for the release of  Book 2 of the Louise Moscow Novel Series Pinot Noir: An International Banking Spy Thriller! Foliage is available at multiple...

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