Louise Moscow Box Set


Louise Moscow Spy Thrillers: Box Set Books 1&2

Award-Winning Author Lorraine Evanoff’s highly addictive and suspenseful thrillers are perfect for fans of Erik Larson, Jack Slater, and Ian Fleming.

Using classic mystery storytelling, Evanoff takes her female sleuth, Louise Moscow, on spellbinding journeys into the sophisticated, corrupt, and sometimes deadly world of international high finance and banking.

FOLIAGE (Book 1) – Louise thought her life in Paris was idyllic with her dream job as an investment banker, until she stumbles upon criminal activity. The FBI and CIA force her to cooperate and bring down the underhanded bankers in what turns out to be one of the greatest scandals of the twentieth century. Soon, she is on the run from a deadly Black Network. The cliffhanger will leave you wanting to dive right into the next book.

PINOT NOIR (Book 2)After years in witness protection on a tropical island, Louise is eager to get back into catching financial criminals. Able to handle a high-powered speedboat, an ex-lover, and a ginger-haired villain with equal ease, she embarks on a journey that will take her from Monte Carlo to Burgundy. This amazing scenario winds its way through a complicated and awful reality as Louise becomes the target of a murderous international sex trafficking ring!

Filled with suspense and international espionage, our spirited heroine Louise Moscow’s adventures are where James Bond meets Temperance Brennan.

Just read Foliage…Great read. Beautifully written, I highly recommend.” – Matthew J. Dowd, Chief Political Analyst, ABC News

Being a major Bond fan, I have read all of Ian Fleming’s novels. It was so refreshing and entertaining to get the female spy’s perspective. Pinot Noir is an intoxicating tale even to readers who are as sober as a monk.” – David Kempf, Award-Winning Author


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