Operation Barbeque



Operation Barbeque

A Hunter Nielson Novel

Author: Gary Evanoff
Editor: Lorraine Evanoff

Ritchie, a big-time drug dealer, is found dead in his bathtub with a bag of blow between his legs, a gun on the floor and a McDonald’s straw between his fingers. Hunter, a small-time slinger, owed Ritchie five thousand dollars for a deal he ended up snorting instead of selling. A friend urges Hunter to leave town, and quick. Hunter and his brother, Paulie, flee to Denver where Ritchie’s thugs manage to find him. They give Hunter 60 days to pay the debt he owed Ritchie, or else.

Hunter takes a job managing a chain of strip joints and pays off the thugs. He loves his new life. But, unknowingly, his job has thrust him into the dangerous world of mobsters and a nationwide sting operation starting in New Orleans and stretching through Denver, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Forced to turn FBI informant, Hunter helps investigators take down the organized crime ring in Operation Barbeque.

About The Author

Illinois native GARY EVANOFF moved to the Sierra Mountains of Lake Tahoe where he spent months laboriously recounting his experiences, turning his adventures into a riveting thriller. This is his debut novel and the first in a series featuring the main character Hunter Nielson. Gary is also a noted guitar player and composer.

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