Pinot Noir: An International Banking Spy Thriller

A Louise Moscow Novel Book 2

From award-winning author Lorraine Evanoff, a high concept “noir” adventure that goes down like a fine wine. “Pinot Noir is one of the best thrillers I have read in recent times”. ~ Astrid Iustulin, Readers’ Favorite

Louise Moscow is still in witness protection when billionaire banker Ekram Almasi and his nurse are murdered. Even though investigators seem to have found the ideal culprit, the case is not as open-and-shut as it might seem. After leaving her “paradise,” Louise starts an investigation that will take her to Monte Carlo, Paris, and Burgundy. The amazing scenario, however, cannot hide a complicated and awful truth.


“This book grabbed me from the start! The 2nd novel about Moscow starts out with quick brisk chapters, I couldn’t put the damn thing down and read it straight through.” ~ Michael Part, International Bestselling Author

“What a great sequel to Foliage! Highly recommend this addictive thriller and be sure to have a yummy glass of red wine nearby!” ~ Nelle L’Amour, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Lorraine Evanoff is able to spin a complex tale of international finance – as she did in FOLIAGE – and make it feel like classic mystery storytelling.” ~ Patrick McDonald, Hollywood Chicago Magazine

“Lorraine Evanoff’s prose is crisp and appealing, highly descriptive and punctuated by intelligently written dialogues. The scenes are focused and the points of view so brilliantly articulated that the entire narrative is cinematic.” ~ Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

“Pinot Noir is one of the best thrillers I have read in recent times. Evanoff’s style is engaging, and the way she reveals the conspiracy makes the story more and more complicated until the incredible end. I recommend it to every reader who loves spy stories.” ~ Astrid Iustulin, Readers’ Favorite


Pinot Noir Book Excellence Award  

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