After doomsday ground zero, November 8, 2016, for my mental health, I began meditating, 10 minutes every day, and also reading Palmer Report. One of the latest doomsday talking points is the bills recently passed by the Georgia Republican state legislators. But as Palmer Report already pointed out, even if signed into law by Governor Kemp, while eroding the separation of powers between legislative and judiciary branches, these laws don’t come close to stopping Fani Wallis from issuing imminent indictments.

There were two different bills passed by the Georgia House and Senate. Both bills would create a commission that could recall any state elected prosecutors. The state Senate bill reduces the number of signatures needed to seek the recall. But even if signed by Kemp, the commissions wouldn’t be put in place until 2024. While indictments brought against Trump and his allies might still be ongoing, the bills couldn’t stop the indictments from being issued before then.

Still, this is part of a bogus Republican effort to “reform” local prosecutors. One Georgia bill includes language allowing the commission to fire prosecutors for refusing to enforce certain laws. Career sadist Florida governor Ron DeSantis illegally removed twice-elected state attorney Andrew Warren from office, for declaring he would refuse to enforce strict abortion bans. Warren sued to get his job back, and in January 2023, a Judge ruled DeSantis violated U.S. and Florida law, but declined to reinstate Warren. This week the court agreed to fast track Warren’s appeal. But DeSantis is undeterred. In a shocking move, he appointed Suzy Lopez to replace Warren who immediately rolled back all Warren’s policies.

That begs the question, why didn’t Governor Kemp simply remove Fani Willis? Perhaps, for the same reason he gave for refusing to block certification of the 2020 election, because state law prevented him from doing so. Kemp is walking the line. Despite lower crime rates, he claimed in a tweet, “Far-left local prosecutors are making our communities less safe…I look forward to working with members of the General Assembly to address it…” This latest legislation effort is bogus. But it’s not a magic wand.

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