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2022 Readers’ Favorite 4th Place Winner!


P.S. Thank you everyone who voted for Devil’s Ledger in the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Readers’ Choice Award!

Devil's Ledger Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention


ZARAGOZA takes the reader through the turmoil of 1960s civil unrest, offering a wider perspective over a generation that changed America. Matson’s Case No. 4 focuses on the unsolved murder of a mysterious and truly impressive self-made woman who rose from prostitute to prominence, pulling others up with her. The twisty turns come to a wild finish and disturbing conclusion.

Matson's Case No. 4

Kevin Hart


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Louise Moscow Book #4 is at 30,000 words!
Set in sexy, stylish current-day Paris,
I can’t wait for the title and cover reveal!

Louise Moscow Series

★★★★★ – “Just read Foliage. Great read, beautifully written, I highly recommend.” ~ Matthew J. Dowd, Chief Political Analyst, ABC News

★★★★★ – “Being a major Bond fan, I have read all of Ian Fleming’s novels. It was so refreshing and entertaining to get the female spy’s perspective. Pinot Noir is an intoxicating tale even to readers who are as sober as a monk.” ~ David Kempf, Award-Winning Author

★★★★★ – “On par with Dan Brown novels, the historical aspects of the novel are intriguing and thoughtfully included in a way that intelligently elevates the novel.” ~ Literary Titan

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