Joe Biden

American politics is heating up as we head into the midterms. Democrats are battling to save our democracy by protecting our Constitutional rights: to vote; to privacy to choose what we do with our own bodies; and our right NOT to be murdered by a completely unregulated rogue militia.

Republicans may have won their long-fought battle to gain control of our Judicial Branch installing their corrupt majority to the highest court in the land (for now). But the other two branches of government are still standing strong. In the past week alone, the DOJ (part of the Executive Branch) subpoenaed Peter Navarro signaling more trouble for Trump. Congress (the Legislative Branch) approved $40 billion to help Ukraine, which Biden signed, further restoring our standing in the world. And Biden vowed to meet with Republicans to discuss gun safety, something not seen for decades.

In yet another bi-partisan win for Biden, two more Biden nominees have been approved to replace two Trump-appointed governors to the board of the United States Postal Service. Now a majority of five governors have been appointed to the USPS by Biden. This comes less than three months after the Senate overwhelming voted to pass a bipartisan bill to help save our beloved institution, established by the Postal Clause Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

On top of the recent bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act allowing the USPS to undo the damage done by Republicans in the past, and more recently by DeJoy and Trump, the new board of governors is on track to implement important improvements to USPS. These improvements include replacing 230,000 dangerous, environmentally unfriendly vehicles that make up one third of the total government fleet, with safer, cleaner, electric vehicles.

Oh, and this new board of governors majority paves the way to replacing corrupt Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. It is fitting to quote Ernest Vincent Wrights’s “Gadsby,” which does not contain any words that contain the letter E. “In this country, two things stand first in rank: your flag and your mail.”

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