In the last three years I’ve written about 150 pieces for Palmer Report and he’s only rejected a handful. Here’s this week’s piece that didn’t get published. I’m not a psychologist, so please let me know if this seems plausible to you.

Look, things are going to get worse before they get better. The craven Republican party has gone all in on destroying our democracy, even working with foreign enemies to sow chaos and influence the elections. The latest is the anti-Israeli protests at universities around the country.

Not only are these college students falling for misinformation that is inciting them to protest. But some reputable experts are also falling for it, even falsely blaming Democrats for attacking protesters. It makes no sense. Republicans fully support Israel’s right-wing extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu and his brutal attacks on innocent Palestinians. So why would protestors blame Democrats? 

Cooler heads like Badd Company have been calling out the right-wing agitators involved in these protests, which should help diffuse them. And, the fact that 1,200 January 6th insurrectionists have been arrested and 750 sentenced so far has had a chilling effect on MAGA enthusiasm for another attack like the one on our Capitol, especially with Biden at the helm.

But once this latest distraction fails, the Right will find other ways to sow chaos. We have to be ready for anything, from protests, to riots, to lone-wolf attacks, to hacking power grids, the internet, and other infrastructure disruptions.

Our Democratic leaders have handled the chaos with icy poise and we must do our part. Stop sharing doomsday messaging. Trump has no path to winning the election. It’s a mathematical impossibility and he knows it.

Something that strikes me as proof of this is Trump’s repeated claims that the Manhattan courtroom is freezing. And yet, no one else has complained. I believe Trump is freezing. But I think the chill is coming from within.

In my experience, during an important meeting for example, my body will go into a shivering mode. It has happened during business negotiations when I am passionate about a subject but I try to remain impassive. If I were playing poker, it would be my tell. Apparently, it’s called “Anxiety Shivers.” This shivering is Trump’s tell. He’s shivering with terror.

Democrats need to have ice in our veins. Stop whining and keep exposing Republicans for what they are: traitors to democracy. Stop giving Trump more power than he has. He’s been frozen out and he knows it.

It’s time to freeze out Trump and the entire GOP by voting BLUE on November 5th.

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