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Death In My Reflection

In this second installment of the Reese Clayton and Emerson Lake series, author Barbara Fournier starts off on fire and keeps the flames burning with blazing action. The setting of an insular native American community, protected lands, and a casino is ideal for underground mafia types to work their schemes undeterred by pesky laws. You’re in for quite the twisted scenario.

Louise Moscow Spy Thriller Series

★★★★★ – “Just read Foliage. Great read, beautifully written, I highly recommend.” ~ Matthew J. Dowd, Chief Political Analyst, ABC News

★★★★★ – “Being a major Bond fan, I have read all of Ian Fleming’s novels. It was so refreshing and entertaining to get the female spy’s perspective. Pinot Noir is an intoxicating tale even to readers who are as sober as a monk.” ~ David Kempf, Award-Winning Author

★★★★★ – “On par with Dan Brown novels, the historical aspects of the novel are intriguing and thoughtfully included in a way that intelligently elevates the novel.” ~ Literary Titan

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