Republicans should never be in power again. In their hunger for power, they have become like a pack of hyenas waiting as a helpless zebra gives birth. Excuse the gruesome analogy, but I can think of none more fitting.

Take Mitch McConnell, who refused to allow Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court for over 330 days before Trump took office, because it was an election year. Yet, just days after civil rights hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, McConnell handed Trump another evil SCOTUS seat, 42 days before the 2020 election!

Now, the Republican House majority is wasting no time tearing apart the rules. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for a “national divorce” separating red states from blue states, to shrink the federal government. She can call it whatever she wants, but it’s still treason. Or the GOP’s obstinate refusal to reinstate an assault weapons ban, that they allowed it to lapse in 2004, even as their own babies’ heads are blown off.

Or Alaska Rep. Eastman, caught on camera saying it’s actually a net benefit to society when a child dies from abuse and neglect because of the financial burden on the state budget. Or this maniacal GOP official making public calls for our President’s violent assassination. At least Twitter suspended her account. So, there’s that.

If I sound pissed off today, it’s because I am. Now, criminal House Speaker Kevin McCarthy committed a major national security breach and colluded with private media by releasing 40,000 hours of unvetted footage of the attack by crazed MAGAs on our Capitol January 6, 2021, to evil Russian asset Tucker Carlson. And there’s nothing we can do but stand by and watch the carnage? I don’t think so.

Democrats and legal experts are sounding the alarm. Will mainstream media file FOIAs for the footage? Will the federal government intervene? We shall see. Meantime, Republicans are doing as much damage as possible while in power because they know it won’t last. Trump and others are in the process of being indicted, so they are feasting on their spoils while they can until bloated and can no longer move. That’s when we will pounce at the polls.

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