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Pinot Noir Has Been Featured in
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Spring Reading

Dear friends,

In this time of COVID-19, I sincerely hope you’re all safe and well. If you need anything, please reach out and I will always try to help in any way possible.

Although things are not yet and may never be “business as usual,” we must all stay calm and carry on. Never give up, keep working towards sustaining the beauty we have created and finding ways to help keep the arts thriving.

As you know, I’m a patron of all arts, not only literary, but also theater, dance, music, dance, architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic and craft arts, industrial design, costume and fashion design, motion pictures, television, radio, film. Did I leave anything out?

Anyway, this newsletter shines a light on one of my favorite magazines, Discover Hollywood.

The owners Nyla and Oscar Arslanian are, to me, Hollywood royalty. Their magazine highlights the ever fascinating history of our national treasure Hollywood. Nyla’s writing is captivating, knowledgeable and gracious. The magazine is crisp, vibrant, elegant, on-trend and enlightening.

There is no better magazine for my noir thrillers to be featured than this distinguished Hollywood gazette along with intriguing articles about classic sites and attractions of our beloved Movieland. My first novel, Foliage, was in the Discover Hollywood 2016 Summer Reading issue, and now Pinot Noir is in the Discover Hollywood Spring 2020 Reading issue!

If you haven’t read Discover Hollywood Magazine, what are you waiting for?!

Stay Safe and Happy Reading,


Summer Reading

Start the series readers are calling “A deft mix of spy thriller and romance

Pinot Noir


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