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July 4th got me thinking about what the word Independence means to me.

For many it’s leaving a horrible job or an abusive relationship, having good health, or just not being afraid to walk down the street.

Looking back, my sense of independence came over years of hard work gradually making it easy forget how far I’ve come from a sense of self-doubt, lack of empowerment, financial burdens.

For the most part I have conquered those demons and moved on to new ones. Sometimes it seems like becoming a novelist was another way for me to impose more pressure on myself and in a way confine myself. The work and discipline are intense. But as I reach new milestones the challenge turns to a sense of accomplishment.

Looking back and making an honest assessment of how far I have come helps so much. It is crazy to create something from nothing. But then when that something takes on a life of its own, it gives you better perspective on how far you’ve come.

Louise Moscow, for all her faults, has garnered awards and even made several best-seller lists. But most meaningful to me is her wonderful following of readers who have embraced her wholeheartedly. The positive reviews are what keep me going! It turns out my readers as amazing writers! If you want a wild ride read this awesome review!

That’s why I’m excited to delve into writing Book 3 and, based on my research and notes so far, it’s going to be another doozy!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the first two books, the cover re-design of Foliage is finished and the Louise Moscow Novels are available as a TWO-BOOK SERIES for the bargain rate of $0.99 each on Kindle for a limited time!

As Always, Stay Safe and Happy Reading,

Love, Lorraine

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