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  • Devil’s Ledger #1 Best Sellers Rank in Free Kindle for a week
  • FREE E-Book
  • Book Recommendation: A riveting thriller by Pablo Zaragoza
  • My newspaper-style crossword is finally done!
  • P.S. Louise Moscow Book #4 COMING SOON!

Best Sellers Rank: #1 Free in Kindle Store

Devil's Ledger

Devil's Ledger Details

Lorraine Evanoff

Big news! After the DEVIL’S LEDGER book launch Halloween 2021, not only did it reach #1 in Free Kindle Store for a week, it now has over 440 four-star reviews!

That said, I take my reader feedback seriously. Several complaints the story was too complicated prompted me to do a full polish, reducing a lot of esoteric financial stuff, then I teamed up with my editor of Foliage, Susan Giffin, for her eagle-eye proofreading.

The result is a more fast-pace thrilling read. I’m so proud to have written another incredibly important and timely story, based on actual events, that is also entertaining.

Oh, and the new E-Book is FREE everywhere!

“Recruited by the CIA to work in their financial crimes division, Louise Moscow sets out to expose the corruption that took down the world’s oldest bank. A riveting international thriller!”

~ BookBub Team

Book Recommendation

Wow, what a page turner!

The story follows a group of hard-nosed investigators hot on the trail of local serial murders and international genocides.

The author, a former pathologist and health officer in the Florida prison system, lends disturbing credibility to this dark tale.

In yet another accomplishment of the writing, being a murderous sociopath notwithstanding, the main character is very likeable, with motives ranging from selfless love to self-preservation.

An Infectious Game By: Pablo Zaragoza

~ Lorraine Evanoff

An Infectious Game

NEW: Louise Moscow Crossword

Get your sleuthing cap on for my newspaper-style crossword puzzle.

It’s as challenging to write a crossword puzzle as it is to solve one!

There is one answer that is questionable and I’m curious if you figure out which one. Send feedback!

Louise Moscow Crossword Puzzle


Louise Moscow Book #4:
A fun, super sexy murder mystery set in Paris.

Louise Moscow Book 4 Coming Soon

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