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Pinot Noir

Each May, I’ve never made a big deal of my birthday. In fact, one year I had completely forgotten about it, until I received a fax dated May 25th and thought, Hmm, that date sounds familiar. 🤔 😆

But somehow it always becomes something special. It falls on Memorial Day Weekend honoring the heroes who fought for our dignity.

Also, I’m surrounded by generous souls with huge hearts who love to laugh and celebrate.

So cheers, I hope you enjoy some Pinot Noir!🍷♥️


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Pinot Noir is one of the best thrillers I have read in recent times.” ~ Readers’ Favorite

International spy, Louise Moscow, can handle a high-powered speedboat, an ex-lover, and a ginger-haired villain with equal ease. Her investigation takes her to the land of Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France, where she encounters uncooperative witnesses, a mysterious vine disease, a gun-wielding monk, and a murderous secret society.

Pinot Noir

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★★★★★ “Just read FOLIAGE. Great read, beautifully written, I highly recommend.” ~ Matthew J. Dowd, Chief Political Analyst, ABC News

★★★★★ “Being a major Bond fan, I have read all of Ian Fleming’s novels. It was so refreshing and entertaining to get the female spy’s perspective. PINOT NOIR is an intoxicating tale even to readers who are as sober as a monk.” ~ David Kempf, Award-Winning Author

★★★★★ “On par with Dan Brown novels, the historical aspects of DEVIL’S LEDGER are intriguing and thoughtfully included in a way that intelligently elevates the novel.” ~ Literary Titan

WALKING THE CAT – COMNG SOON! Retired CIA operative Louise Moscow gets a highly coveted all-access pass to Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week. When a mysterious catwalk murder shocks the haute couture world, Louise springs into action to clear an old friend (and fellow spy) of the charges. But nothing is what it appears to be…

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