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Anyway, have you heard of THE PAGE 69 TEST? It sounds saucy, but it’s just a way to help you decide what book to read next. In principle, page 69 should be about one-third into a typical novel, around the end of Act I.

Go to the bookstore or library, find a book that looks interesting, open to page 69, and read. If it captures your attention enough to want to read the whole thing, you have your next book!

Of course, if you’re shopping for an E-Book online, you’re SOL.😩 So, below is a sneak peak of Walking the Cat, page 69.

It’s a nail-biter!

Walking the Cat, Page 69

Louise placed the palms of her hands together in front of her heart and bowed her head in gratitude for her meditation once again bringing her the solution.

She got dressed and headed out on foot toward the 9th arrondissement where she had observed detective Toulouse having coffee the previous morning on her way to see inspector Proust.

She had noticed Toulouse walking out of a bar tabac across the street from the precinct saying, “à demain,” to the owner. See you tomorrow. So, she expected to find him there again this morning.

She arrived at eight o’clock and stood at the counter of the bar tabac, which is something between a small café and a large newsstand, where one can buy stamps and newspapers, get a quick espresso and croissant, or a glass of wine.

When she arrived, one patron on the way to his daily grind had stopped for a quick six-ounce glass of red. It was not an uncommon sight in Paris, and Louise could completely relate, if it were Sunday brunch. But this was a workday.

The owner was a very professional, tightly wound, well-oiled machine, barely looking up from his cleaning duties to give his standard greeting and take her order.

Bonjour! Qu-est-ce que je vous ser?”

Café au lait et un croissant, s’il vous plait,” Louise replied.

Within three minutes the steaming brew and crispy pastry with a side of butter and jam were unceremoniously placed in front of her. Incredible how the simplest breakfast was so infallibly delicious. She enjoyed her petit déjeuner and allowed destiny to take a hand.

Sure enough, with a dry, “Bonjour,” Toulouse entered, stood at the bar, and, without asking, was served his usual, double espresso, baguette, butter, and jam. Glancing in the mirror behind the bar, he noticed Louise’s reflection a few feet to his right and stared at her. Sensing his glare, she looked up to see his reflection. Her genuine surprise convinced him it was a chance meeting.

Bonjour. Bien dormi?” he said, making diffident small talk. Hello. Slept well?

Tres bien, merci, et vous?” Louise replied cheerily. In fact, she had slept very well and was interested to hear if he had too.

On peut se tutoyer,” Toulouse said, ignoring the question, and instead offering to address each other with the more familiar tu, for you, instead of the formal vous, which was a big step toward bonding.

“Sorry, force of habit, out of respect.”

“Eet eez quite all right,” Toulouse replied, with a heavy accent.

“You speak English beautifully,” Louise said. She really was impressed. In her experience, although required to take four years of English in school, very few French ever learned to use it in conversation.

“Thank you, Meezz Moscow.”

Her plan was working. “Please, call me Louise.”

He finished his espresso and paid. “You came to see inspector Proust again, Louise?

“Yes, I wanted to ask the inspector something.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

Louise gulped down the last of the delicious café au lait. “I don’t want to bother you. It’s probably just a silly hunch.”

“Regarding the Anna Burke murder?”

“Yes.” She hesitated. “Something is bothering me.”

Toulouse signaled for the barman to serve them each another round of cafés. Then he moved closer to Louise. “Allez. You can tell me.”


Sort of.

LOUISE MOSCOW BOOK #4 is on schedule. But I’ve decided not to rush this one. It’s such a fascinating story with so many nimble turns, like a supermodel on the catwalk. 🐈‍⬛

That means my usual October book release isn’t definite. But I’ll definitely get the Advanced Reader Copy to my cherished beta readers by end of October.

I look forward to your honest feedback!

~ Love Lolo 🙏🏻💙

Walking the Cat


Former CIA operative Louise Moscow gets a highly-coveted all-access pass to Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week.

When a mysterious catwalk murder shocks the haute couture world, Louise springs into action to clear an old friend, and fellow spy, of the charges. But nothing is what it appears to be.


Clark Kent in reverse?

Even I can’t believe my transformation between having my glasses on

and my glasses off. This Superman disguise really works!

Who knew?!

Photo credit, as always, by the amazing Cheryl Mann!

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