Accountants use a term, “Drop-Dead Deadline,” when a public company has a compliance deadline to file financial disclosures, according to SEC regulations, or for IRS tax filings. Many of us accountants have spent sleepless nights straining to meet these deadlines. That is why, afterward, you may see some of us enjoying an alcoholic libation, or three. I imagine political campaign professionals have a similar term for crucial election dates.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s campaign team must be feeling that “Drop Dead Deadline” pressure right now. The Virginia governor’s election is less than two weeks away and, shockingly, the candidates are currently TIED. The reason? Apathy among Democrats. We’re exhausted. We won, several times, and now we must do it all over again. But that’s why we call ourselves “The Resistance.” Even when we’re worn down, we get back up and fight.

Although McAuliffe was previously a popular governor of the now blue state (Virginia only allows one consecutive term), his Republican opponent, Trump-endorsed billionaire Glenn Youngkin, is somehow close in the polls. The reason for this is an enthusiasm gap between Republican and Democratic voters, due in part to the Virginia governor’s race being only one year after the presidential election. The GOP losers are motivated to register and vote, out of frustration, and Youngkin is taking advantage of that by all deceptive means.

Youngkin has declined to campaign with Trump, knowing he is poison. But don’t be fooled. He is just as vile. Youngkin refused to acknowledge Biden won legitimately. In a video, he admits he hides his abortion views, but if elected, he will come after abortion rights.

But his Trump endorsement is a big motivation for Democrats to get out and vote. Also, Virginia’s incredibly diverse communities have not forgotten the overt bigotry of the GOP under Trump. Winning will largely depend on the turnout of the diverse communities. Many think the Virginia governor race will be a litmus test for the 2022 midterms. It will be tough. Biden’s approval rate has fallen, largely due to false GOP talking points on Afghanistan and the supply chain, both caused by TFG. But like the California Governor Recall election, we must show our strength in numbers.

I’m doing my part. This piece is my latest call to get Democrats to the polls. I have also been contacting Virginians I know, sharing posts on social media, and donating. Next week I’ll carve out time to volunteer for phone banking. Also, I love fellow Palmer Report contributor’s creative solution. Let’s do this!

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