US Capitol

I remember that day clearly. It was surreal. That feeling of disbelief because no one thought it could ever happen. On August 8, 1974, Richard Nixon gave his resignation speech. My best friend Nanette’s parents sat us in front of the TV and told us it was a very momentous occasion that we must witness. They were Swedish immigrants who knew how important it was. My working-class salt-of-the-earth parents were as confused as Nanette and me. We were 12 years old.

But the two-year Watergate investigation had finally cost Nixon the White House. Nixon had to resign from the presidency he had sought all his adult life. His own Republican party told him he would be impeached by the house and convicted in the Senate if he fought it. Journalists reported the roar from protesters when Nixon said, “I shall resign the presidency at noon tomorrow,” was so loud they could not hear the next line.

It will be different this time. Instead of a resignation, the eventual outcome will be the unprecedented indictment and arrest of a former president. There will also be indictments and arrests of co-conspirators just as the Watergate Seven were indicted by a Grand Jury. But make no mistake, this kind of momentous event will happen for a second time in my lifetime.

If the Navarro arrest is any indication, the January 6 Select Committee hearings, will be explosive. They will be surreal. Americans will be shocked. Donald Trump will declare, “I am not a crook,” or some such absurdity. Roger Stone will reveal his back tattoo of Nixon and wave double peace signs, like little heil Hitler salutes.

I have taken up the baton from Nanette’s parents and am telling the kids to witness this momentous event. Watch the hearings airing in prime time on every cable news network, starting 8:00 p.m. June 9th, with additional hearings sets for June 13, 15, 16, 21 and June 23. This will be huge.

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